ICW-CIF Newsletter No. 71 / January 2021








Dear ICW sisters and friends, Happy New Year!
It is my great hope that each of you will find the resolve to look beyond many of the
unfortunate events of the past year and set your sights on the promising new year
ahead. I certainly appreciate the hard work and effort that you have put into improving
women’s rights in this difficult time of COVID-19.
As you are well aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has been causing a diverse set of
very serious difficulties and challenges. There is no doubt that this condition has
contributed substantially to gender-based inequalities, and gender specific problems,
around the world. We, women, need to be strong and vigilant in fighting this dreadful
disease and the adverse consequences that come with it. Clearly, a global problem
requires a global response.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the sixty-fifth session of the Commission on the Status
of Women (CSW65) is scheduled to take place on a virtual platform. All side and parallel
events will be conducted virtually. The two parallel events organized by ICW will be
held on March 18 and March 23, 2021. I would like to invite all ICW member councils
and sisters to attend the events during CSW65.
So, until we “meet” again, I send my sincere hope that you will have a healthy, joyous,
and satisfying new year. Again, let’s do our best to make it so.



Jungsook Kim (Ed.D),
President of ICW-CIF




After a long global lockdown against the coronavirus pandemic, we finally see light at the end
of the tunnel with the arrival of the vaccine, and particularly mindful that a new year is like
starting a new chapter in one’s life. I wish that it is filled with promises of a hopeful tomorrow
that we can all embrace with an open heart and move forward with faith, hope and courage
that it blesses us all with health, wealth and happiness in a peaceful and safe world.



F. Inal, ICW Vice President




ICW-CIF Newsletter No. 71 / January 2021 :